Normally, any premium vehicle that is associated to Honda isn’t viewed too positively by the upmarket crowd, but Acura is about to change their minds with the new NSX supercar.

Because of its short-lived first run in the market, the NSX is far from being as iconic as the Nissan GT-R. However, a look into the process of creating each unit would offer plenty of assurance that this is one sports car that cannot go wrong.

And by ‘cannot go wrong’ it means that drivers should never encounter even a sliver of reliability worries. Built in Honda’s dedicated Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, there were 160 pre-production prototypes made.

A few were used for publicity, the rest of them were destroyed. For the most expensive production car in the US, neurotic perfectionism seems to be the minimum requirement.

While automation does play a part in the manufacturing process, each 573hp 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine is hand-built. It takes about half a dozen hours to complete one block.