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New Ford Focus RS vs Civic Type R


Ford has revealed the first full details on its Focus RS, and the big news is that the ballistic hot hatch is all-wheel-drive. Welcome everyone, to the next chapter in the hot hatch wars.

That all-wheel-drive system is tuned, says Ford, to deliver "exceptional grip" and "neutral and adjustable limit handling' with a dab of oversteer if required. Excited, much"

Then there's the engine from the new Mustang - a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine - here delivering over 316bhp, and a six-speed manual gearbox, sports suspension and lots of RS trinketry. You can read the full lowdown here.

What's interesting is the timing; this new RS has arrived just as we're preparing to welcome the brand new Honda Civic Type R. Both cars represent the hottest end of hot hatchery, but here's the difference: the Honda will smuggle its 276bhp-plus through the front wheels alone.

2015 is fast becoming the Year of Ford vs Honda. So if Episode I was the GT vs the NSX, may we present Episode II: the RS vs the Type R. Here's how both contenders stack up on paper...