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United States
What I Drive
2020 Acura NSX
Hi All: I bought a barely used 2020 NSX yesterday with 1900 miles on it. Beautiful white color with red brake calipers and seats. Car has the silver wheels and the carbon fiber rear wing. What a car. Funny in driving the car the reactions of people to this car!! During the test drive yesterday I was sitting at a light with the salesman. We were just talking and I noticed a car next to me and turned around to see two very hot girls flirting with me like crazy, smiling, twisting their hair, you get the picture. Every Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic with an exhaust wants to race, lol. Smiles and thumbs up. I did not expect this. I have had other good looking sports cars, Corvettes, Porsches, etc., but nothing like the attention this car gets. I imagine I will get used to it, but right now its pretty cool.

I am located in SOCal, and I'm wondering if anyone knows a Cars and Coffee or other meets where enthusiasts get together? I know there are not that many NSX's running around which may help explain the visceral reactions I am seeing. If you know of a meet please let me know.

I'm really glad to join the community.