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Honda Reveals All-New Civic, Says Type R Coming To America


The Honda Civic has been a cruel temptress for those of us on American soil. And that has nothing to do with the Civic sold in our dealerships; rather it has everything to do with the Civic that's not sold in our dealerships.

But that's OK. Because Honda has succumbed to the pressure from enthusiasts and media alike: Yes, the Civic Type R is finally coming to America.

What's more, that wasn't the primary news stemming from today's Honda reveal at the New York auto show. The Japanese automaker debuted the new 2016 Civic concept, previewing the 10th-generation Civic that's set to arrive later this fall.

Honda says we Americans will receive the sedan and coupe variants (both developed in America), along with the five-door hatchback as well. Oh, and they all come with the option of a six-speed manual transmission. Huzzah.

The concept is lower and wider that the outgoing model, featuring an aggressive snout and a very green paint scheme. Honda says the car is based on a new compact platform, and under the hood will reside an equally new, direct injected 1.5 liter VTEC turbo motor.

We'll know more in terms of horsepower and efficiency at a later date, but for now at least, news that the Type R will be gracing our shores is enough for American auto enthusiasts to crack open a bottle or three.