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Imagine If The New Acura NSX More Closely Mirrored The Original's Design

United States

With over a quarter-century separating their debuts and following a gap in production of over a decade, the second iteration of the Acura NSX was never going to follow very closely along the lines of the first's design. But what if it did?

That's the question posed by this rendering from Peisert Design. Instead of the curved blade of an intake at the trailing end of the greenhouse, extending down below the beltline and into the door panel, Peisert virtually reskinned the rear end of the new NSX to more closely resemble the original's.

The rear wing, squared-off tail, and side intake are all more typical of the Nineties in which the first NSX was born. The front end, incongruously, was left just as Honda designed it, with all its sharp angles and visual aggression. Does it look better? That would be a matter of taste, but our eyes favor how the second-gen NSX looks the way it's being produced.

Though Honda was planning to replace the original NSX with a front-engined design packing a V8 or V10, it ultimately stuck to a similar formula, with a V6 displacing three-some-odd liters mounted amidships behind the cockpit. Only the new one boasts an all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain to produce roughly twice as much power as the original, and with nine speeds (and two clutches) where its progenitor offered four, five, or six. That's progress for you, and design moves along with it.